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BruxZir® NOW

BruxZir® NOW is a pre-shaded, fully sintered zirconia milling block system used in the manufacture of single-unit chairside restorations. Packing for the first time all the advantages of the number one brand of monolithic zirconia into a convenient in-office milling block, BruxZir NOW enables clinicians to deliver high-strength BruxZir Solid Zirconia restorations without ever sending their casework out of the office. Available in 14 shades that correspond to the VITA® Classical shade system, restorations produced with BruxZir® NOW blocks can be designed, fabricated, and made ready for placement in less than an hour, without the need for sintering, staining or glazing. Achieving flexural strengths substantially greater than 800 MPa, BruxZir NOW milling blocks are two to four times stronger than competing in-office milling block systems.

Prep and cement BruxZir crowns in just one appointment with BruxZir NOW milling blocks. There is no faster way for practitioners to deliver authentic BruxZir Solid Zirconia crowns than the BruxZir NOW milling block system, giving clinicians the power to fabricate and seat high-strength monolithic restorations on their own timetable. No oven wait. No lab fees.


BruxZir NOW is indicated for single-unit posterior restorations. It is ideal for molar and premolar crowns. A minimum of 0.7 mm of reduction is required.

Patient Benefits

  • Strong, esthetic zirconia restorations in a single appointment
  • Minimal preparation requirements help patients keep more of their existing natural dentition
  • The need for chairside- or lab-fabricated temporaries is eliminated, reducing the complications that can arise during the provisional stage